UHF Keychain

1, the appearance of small, durable, do not fade, waterproof, corrosion resistant, easy to carry
2, identify stability penetrating power, speed, korfball has unique identification code
3, mainly for residential property, the city card, bus, attendance management, access control systems, business card system, membership management, public transport payment, authentication, and other areas of radio frequency identification

● Basic parameters

TypesUHF passive RFID tags
Working Frequency860-960MHz
ProtocolISO / IEC 18000-6C EPC Class1 Gen2

● Physical parameters

Size45 * 28mm (can be customized)
Packaging MaterialsABS
AntennaAuminum etching antenna
CraftSilk Screen printing, Encoding,printing ID number

● performance parameters

ChipAlien H3, impinjM4D / M4E / M4QT / M5
StorageRelated to the chip
Operating modeCan read and write
Data storage time> 10 years
Endurance100,000 times
Reading distance0-10m (the reading range is related to the chip)

● Environmental parameters

operating temperature-25 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃
Storage temperature-35 ℃ ~ + 75 ℃

● Typical applications

ApplicationsIdentification, time and attendance systems, access control systems, etc.

● Package

Packaging Information100 / bag