ZH-8240 reader

1, RF chip used to play R2000
2, the INDY R2000 chip performance Impinj INDY
3 to the extreme, ultra-thin aluminum body, modern industrial design, durable
4, excellent thermal performance, long working hours without significant thermal
5, supports EPC C1G2 and ISO 18000 - 6B two protocols
6, mature and stable design, excellent consistency. Since the fall of 2010 launched the first version of the product after a long period of exploration, modification, upgrade and verify
7, feature-rich, flexible use of cache tag read mode and real-time mode, can drive high-power LED, 4-way GPIO, 485 direction
8 control, low-power design, 30dBm output power when the peak current is only 1.2A, the industry's lowest
9, an antenna protection function that prompts the user when the antenna is not connected (can be turned off)
10, the whole industrial design, the core components are for the military level. Onboard up to eight independent power supply. Multiple Electrical Protection
11, the antenna can be configured to send and receive separation mode, response demanding application environments

Single / intensive


230mm (L) x 160mm (W ) x 28mm (H)


1.8 Kg

Body material

Die-casting aluminum

Input voltage

DC 12V - 18V

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Sleep Current


Maximum operating current

600mA +/- 5% @ DC 12V Input

Operating temperature

(- 20 ° C - + 55 ° C)

storage temperature

(- 20 ° C - + 85 ° C)

<95% (+ 25 ° C)

Air interface protocol

EPC global UHF Class 1 Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C

ISO 18000-6B

Operating frequency range

860Mhz - 960Mhz

Support the work area

US, Canada and other regions following US FCC

Europe and other regions following ETSI EN 302 208 with & without LBT regulations

Mainland China

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Output Power

0 - 33dBm

Output power accuracy

+/- 1dB

Output power flatness

+/- 0.2dB

Receiver sensitivity

<-85 DBm

Inventory tag peak velocity

700 / sec

Tag cache

1000 @ 96 bit EPC tag

label RSSI

stand by

Antenna Connection Protection

stand by

Environmental temperature monitoring

stand by

Operating mode

Communication Interface

RS-232 or TCP / IP


2-input 2-output optical coupler optically coupled

Maximum baud rate

115200 bps


Air cooling