Magnetic stripe cards

1, the data can be read, that have the ability to change data field
2 of the stored data to meet the needs of ships using the convenient
3, mainly used in credit cards, bank ATM cards, membership cards, cash cards (eg telephone cards), tickets , bus ticket vending cards

● Basic parameters

Types ofMagnetic stripe cards
working frequencyno
International standardISO7810

● physical parameters

size86 * 54 * 0.76mm or customized
Packaging MaterialsPET, PVC
Process mode antennano
TableCraftsPrinting, magnetic stripe, silk screen, play yards, stamping and punching

● performance parameters

Integrated chipno
Operating modeErasable
Data storage time> 10 years
Endurance100,000 views
Reading distanceno

● environmental parameters

Operating temperature(- 25 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃)
Storage temperature(-35 ℃ ~ + 75 ℃)

● Typical applications

ApplicationsMembership management, health care, insurance, transportation management, education

● Packaging

Packaging Information250 / box