NFC tag

NFC is a method of providing easy, safe, fast wireless connectivity technology communications, as opposed to having NFC RFID for short distance, high bandwidth, low energy consumption. NFC is compatible with existing contactless smart card technology has become more and more major vendors support the official standard. Again, NFC is a short-range connection protocol, providing a variety between devices easy, safe, rapid and automated communications. Compared with other wireless world connectivity, NFC is a private communication close, NFC is in the access control, public transportation, mobile payment and other fields to play a huge role.

● Basic Parameters

TypesHigh-frequency passive RFID tags
Working Frequency13.56MHz

● Physical Parameters

Size30x30mm, (can be customized)
Packaging MaterialPET, PVC, Coated paper, PP Synthetic Paper
AntennaEtching aluminum
4C Offset printing ,print ID number,Encoding,or with anti-metal material

● Performance Parameters

ChipNTAG213, NTAG216
StorageRelated to the chip
Operating mode read and write
Data Retention> 10 years
Write Endurance100,000 times
Reading Distance0-5cm (the reading range is related to the working condition and reader)

● Environmental Parameters

Working temperature-25 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃
Storage temperature-35 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃

● Typical Applications

ApplicationsAccess control management, Membership management, mobile payment, product management

● Package

Packaging InformationPiece/Roll