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Graphic Design / Art

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  • WorkplaceShenzhen
  • DealNegotiable
  • Release Date2016-10-25
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Job Requirements:

The beauty of the heart of everyone, our team needs to find the United States, the United States to create a small partner! We ask you to be responsible for:

1, B2B website, the company's official website of the art design, dynamic advertising, Banner design

2, the product inside the display template design and advertising production, you should tell us how to express the product in order to tall, the picture how to deal with professional, layout, how to attract customers to design ... ...

     In short let the customer to our enduring interest is your expertise, we participate in many exhibitions throughout the year, the posters on the tall and professional album is very important, thanks to you friends

3, you will often patronize, Top10 website and design, learn from each other, and constantly optimize and enhance our aesthetic level

4, the most important thing is that our customer requirements to do the product, usually need to produce effects map to customers, customers are satisfied with the results map is a stepping stone, so our team, you have the job

5, the company's corporate culture, not a simple material pile, you will help us get a piece of the staff world, that the United States, that music, that positive energy, so that the new small partners, do not not envy

You are not what we are trying to find it

Have you ever done a graphic design? Or will you do it? Will do it does not matter, we have plenty of talent to give you advice

Are now popular e-commerce platform, shop decoration to do, you made it? Do not know it does not matter, someone told you

Photoshop, Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweavers, Coredraw is something God horse things, for you, is not all weak burst

Dear, if you are good at creative design, copywriting, text expression Han, it is simply great.

Do not forget, we are a group of practical work hard, work conscientiously and responsibly, the team spirit of excellent people, join our team, you have to be friendly and harmonious with them yo

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