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qithink enterprise website management system using PHP + Mysql structure, the station built SEO search engine optimization mechanisms, allowing users to customize the interface language (various global languages), with corporate Web site commonly used module functions (Company Profile module, news module, product module , download the module, image module, the recruitment module, online messages, feedback system, online communication, links, site map, membership and rights management). Powerful and flexible management background, static page generation capabilities, personalization modules to add functionality, custom columns in different styles FLASH functions, pseudo-static functions for enterprise to create a beautiful atmosphere, and has a sales force of fine websites.

Supported languages
  1. Global support various languages ​​(including Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, etc.), the user can customize unlimited languages, and can set the appropriate language access to domain in the background according to the needs and customize the default home page;
  2. Original language pack editing functions, users can easily edit website website management background language pack to control the front display language and language parameters (font, text size, page background, show the number of words, etc.);
interface style
  1. Full Text station, the system section, the information content and the main picture supports user-defined, can be seen to change;
  2. Original identity column display control method, administrators only need to control the home can be a flexible display lists topics and related information by setting fields are identified;
  3. Reception template program is completely separate, unique in all languages share one set style template technology, it can also set different page styles for each language;
  4. Style templates to create simple and flexible, while supporting the production of label templates and PHP standard syntax for template fabrication method;
  5. One with the originalTemplate supports different color style, while supporting multiple page layouts, users can easily switch back;
  6. Automatic generation of thumbnails, image background custom text watermark, upload pictures automatically add watermark function;
  7. Flash animation (ads) can be set according to different styles of columns (including image rotation, Flash animation, single picture), and you can choose from a variety of different image carousel mode;
  8. Built-in variety of online exchanges with the screen scrolling style;
  9. Original product images and image display module picture variety of styles, with the support of One product add unlimited pictures;
  10. Flip style, page number information display, time format, Hot Hits, the latest release information and number of days to achieve full background custom;
  11. Social sharing button collection, divided into the sidebar and instrumental style, and can be custom code;
  12. DIV + CSS layout, all compatible with IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox, Google, TT, 360-degree, travel and other mainstream browsers;
Site Content
  1. Introduction, articles, products, downloads, image module three columns add features, columns and display or not display fully administrator by background control;
  2. WYSIWYG text editor ckeditor, can easily text, images, animation and add typography, support manual page content;
  3. Background administrator management authority independent of each other, you can set different permissions for each content management One a manager, the founder can not be deleted and has the highest level of authority;
  4. Products, pictures, download field customization features (including a brief, drop, text, multiple choice, radio, picture field), each product can upload multiple product images;
  5. Background information management supports batch delete, bulk transfer, bulk copy, batchPermissions set operation;
  6. Support a variety of list sort;
  7. Top support information, and recommend settings;
SEO Optimization
  1. SEO website can set global parameters, you can also set a separate page title for all pages, keywords, page description, static page names;
  2. The whole station generate static pages feature that automatically or manually One key to the whole station generate static pages, and can personalize the name and static pages static page format, support Chinese static page name;
  3. Full station pseudo-static function, the station static packing function (packaged static page file that is completely separated from the packaged file can be uploaded to any normal space access);
  4. The title page has been in accordance with [Title - Column name - Site Title] way to fully optimize the page title and can freely adjust the approach that all Title content default automatically generated by the system, and supports custom page title;
  5. Built popular tags, which can effectively increase your internal linking and keyword links, you can customize the replacement times;
  6. The official templates DIV + CSS framework for the title H1, image ALT, hyperlinks Title, keyword footer page header, page layout information updated, relevant information within the chain, such as full SEO optimization;
  7. Built Site Map module, you can generate new Html, xml, txt sitemap site root directory, search engines indexed faster u all pages of the site;
  8. Built-Link module can be easily connected to each other and to other sites;
  9. Custom folders support columns and column content page static page name and custom formats, can effectively distinguish competitors homogenization of information, enhance SEO results;
Interactive Marketing
  1. Complete integrated online communication background management functions can be added QQ, MSN, Live Messenger, Ali Want, SKYPE, third-party software, customer service exchange, and can set the style and icons;
  2. Built-in powerful online feedback system, you can add any number of feedback system tableField fully customizable, can be used for product ordering, online registration, online surveys, feedback, etc., you can automatically send feedback information to the designated mailbox set by the administrator (can set up multiple mailboxes), and can be classified as export EXCEL tabular form feedback;
  3. Guestbook background management functions and sending messages, administrators can review the background and reply to the message content;
  4. Job candidates resume publishing and online submission function, resume function is automatically sent to the specified mailbox;
  5. Background owners built statistical functions, you can easily monitor web browsing and visitor information, visit the search engine and search for keywords and other information;
  6. Background Short Message feature built-in, support for custom or get sent to all Member bulk SMS mobile phone number.
Member and Privilege Management
  1. System built tourists, ordinary members, agents, system administrators are four permission roles, and can achieve ordinary members, agents foreground and background registration management;
  2. Language content, the station columns, information pages, field parameters can be access control, and thus can flexibly set the proxy price, data downloads, the latest product announcement, etc. rights management;
  3. Columns can be directly based on the background administrator privileges and authority to operate the function, thereby enabling site columns and content than independent management, and allows the administrator interface clear and concise;
Safety and efficiency
  1. Built-in database backup and restore functions, you can easily complete the entire station One key database backup and recovery, and support for the entire station configuration file compression package to download the background;
  2. Manage folder name change background feature that allows u to easily manage hidden landing path, thereby improving the safety performance of the system;
  3. Codes, anti-refresh mechanism, SQL statements and hazard symbols filtering mechanism greatly enhances the ability of the system preventing malicious attacks;
  4. Mailbox to retrieve the administrator password function, the member mailbox to retrieve the password self-service feature enhances system security; </ Li>
  5. Public information reading efficiency control parameters, call the template database control files (controlled by the template creator) greatly improves the efficiency of the system;
  6. Upload folder visualization and file management features, you can easily remove junk files management;
  7. PHP + MYSQL framework, the station static function, system file permissions settings greatly enhance the ability of the system to fight the Trojans, and malicious attacks;
  8. Built-site medical background feature, you can find details of the existence of the site, and to protect the safety of the site;

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Date: September 14, 2012
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